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To ensure the best scanning experience possible, we offer a wide range of useful accessories for the ZONARE platforms.


Transducer Biopsy Guides

We have partnered with Civco Medical Systems for general purpose needle guides, transducer covers, ultrasound supplies and other accessories.

For ordering information, please click on the links below.

General Purpose Needle Guides

Infiniti™ AccuSITE™ Ultra-Pro II™
C9-3 L8-3 C4-1
L10-5 C6-2
L14-5sp L10-5

Endocavity Needle Guides

E9-4 Disposable | Reusable


User Interface Sterile Covers

We have partnered with CFI Medical Solutions for custom fit sterile covers for the ultrasound systems.

  • Protects user interface panel from fluids without impeding tracker ball or other functions
  • Allows for docking of transducers in the transducer holders
  • Fluid control flap protects back side of control panel
  • Accommodates transducer cable clips on bottom side of panel

To Re-Order, Please Contact:
CFI Medical Solutions
14241 Fenton Road
Fenton, MI 48430 USA

Re-Order Part # 29187
Sterile, Box of 25