Central Stations

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Central Stations

The BeneVision Central Station collects patient information from patient monitors, wireless transport monitors, telemetry transmitters, and vital signs monitors and distributes that information, as needed, beyond the confines of the central nursing station or centralized monitoring center. As a powerful and scalable solution, it can be configured to meet the needs of the smaller, mid acuity ED or PACU, to a large ambulatory monitoring environment, to the demanding, high acuity critical care environment. Information can also be integrated with hospital systems, including ADT and EMR solutions.


BeneVision Central Station

Powerful and scalable, the BeneVision Central Station can collect and distribute patient information across the care continuum.
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BeneVision WorkStation

The BeneVision WorkStation provides comprehensive functionality of the Central Station beyond the central nursing station including war-rooms and remote departments.
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